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Mercedes Sprinter

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is the ultimate van for traveling in comfort and style. With loads of room, this is the way to go if you are going to be traveling in a van for an extended period.
This van comes in 9. 10, and 12 passenger configurations.
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Ford Econoline

The Ford E-350 Clubwagon is the most common van used by touring groups in the United States. It is very reliable, and delivers dependable performance year after year.
This van is configured for 15 people, but we can remove seats by request to make more room for cargo.
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Comparison Chart:

Model Seats Seating Configuration MPG DVD Videogames AC outlets Wi-Fi Tow Hitch*
Sprinter 9 Captain and 1 Bench 18-23 MPG X-box 360
Sprinter 10 Captain and 1 Bench 18-23 MPG X-box 360
Sprinter 12 Benches (non removable) 18-23 MPG X-box 360
Ford 15 Benches (removable) 15 MPG Playstation 2

      *Tow hitch rentals have an additional fee.

Mercedes Sprinter Pictures:

Sprinter Interior

Watch a movie, play games on the X-box 360 or browse the Internet.

Plenty of headroom, and comfortable seating.

9 Passenger Sprinter Seats

9 and 10 passengers feature custom leather seats.

The 12 passenger Sprinters have bench seating.

Sprinter Seating Configurations

The secure cargo hold is approximately 165 cubic feet.

Bandago Sprinter seating configurations.

Ford Econoline Pictures:
Ford E350 Van Ford van with Ps2

Maximum passenger capacity in the Ford Econoline is 15 people.

Every Ford Econoline comes standard with a video screen and PS2 game system

Ford stereo

The van also comes with wireless headphones.
Please take note of our battery policy.

The stereo has a built in USB cable for iPhone/iPod support.

Ford seats tow hitch

We can remove the rear two seats for you to make room for cargo. With all seats in there is seating for 15 people, but minimal storage space.

Every van in our fleet can tow. Tow hitch rentals are an extra $10/day.

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