Bandago Vehicle Guide

Model Seats Seat Style MPG DVD Game Sat TV Outlet Wi-Fi Tow Cargo

Sprinter "Deluxe"
10 Captain 18-23 X-box One

Sprinter "Captain"
9/10 Captain 18-23 X-box 360

Sprinter "Bench"
12 Bench 18-23 X-box 360

Ford "Transit"
15 Bench 15-18 X-box 360

Ford "E-Series"
15 Bench 12-15 Playstation 2

Sprinter "Executive"
10 Captain 18-23 X-box 360

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is the ultimate van for traveling in comfort and style. With loads of room, this is the way to go if you are going to be traveling in a van for an extended period. Most models come standard with a cargo hold, but the 8 passenger trades this cargo space for enhanced leg room and a satellite TV hook-up. In 2015 we are launching our deluxe model for 10 passengers, which offers a number of upgrades and improvements, including an X-box One.
This van comes in 8, 9. 10, and 12 passenger configurations.
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Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Pictures

Ford Transit

The Transit is Ford's newest passenger van model. Ford delivers this vehicle in a wide variety of configurations. Bandago's Transit vans are configured with the long wheelbase, and the middle height roof. We purchased a number of options, including the rear view back up camera, power driver and passenger seats, reverse park sensing system and more! The middle two seats in the rear row are removable so if you need room for luggage we can easily remove these seats for you. (see pictures below). We might be able to remove other seats for extended length rentals (over 3 weeks long), please call us to discuss.
This van is configured for 15 passengers.
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Ford Transit Pictures

Ford E-Series 15-Passenger XLT

For over 30 years the Ford E-Series was the top selling passenger van in the United States. It is very reliable, and delivers dependable performance year after year. Ford discontinued this vehicle in 2014. Due to their proven durability and reliability we are hanging on to ours for a couple more years. When you need to move a lot of people as economically as possible this should be your choice.
This van is configured for 15 people, but we can remove seats by request to make more room for cargo.
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E-Series Pictures