Bandago Van Rental

How do I cancel my reservation?

How do I make a reservation?

Do you offer unlimited mileage?

Do you provide a shuttle service from the airport?

The cardholder will not be present at pickup, will this cause an issue?

How much does it cost to have the van delivered to me?

What make and model of vans do you have?

Do you allow your vans to go out of state?

Do you allow your vans into Mexico?

Can I fit my band’s music equipment into the van?

Our gear won’t fit inside the van, what should we do?

What kind of miles per gallon can I expect to get from the van?

How can I save money?

Do you allow one way rentals?

Can you deliver the van to me?

Do you rent to people who aren’t musicians?

What is your deposit policy?

What is your mileage policy?

I would like to reserve one of your vans, what do I do?

What is your breakdown policy?

What condition are the vans in?

Do the vans come with video games?

Do the vans come with movies?

Do you supply hand controls for disabled drivers?

Do you have four-wheel drive vans?

Do you allow pets?

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